Taghit, fine pearl of the desert ... is presented as being one of the most beautiful Oases of the Saoura gardens.

Emerging after a hundred kilometers of stone desert and at the end of a strip of asphalt, a small city of red earth enclosed by an ocean of sand sailing on waves of dunes sometimes as high as mountains and palm trees at a loss of view…

If there are strong moments in a life where one seeks an authentic contact with the nature, Taghit is undoubtedly to register in the register of the most intense emotions that one can know.

Its unique panorama and its sunset on the dune earned it the nickname Taghit the enchantress ...

About hotel saoura

In the center of Taghit, stands a beautiful building: hotel SAOURA.

The hotel required a serious upgrade to bring it up to national and international standards and standards required in the hotel business. It presents an ideal situation, on the scale of the city, and remains the most significant element of reference, like a monument.

Because of its location, it is surrounded by a heavenly setting to the east, overlooking a landscape in the palm grove, a dense and soothing green oasis ...,

To the north, the chain of "hamada" plateaus of rocky slabs and to the west, it is dominated by dunes in golden colors and changing according to the time of day some of which exceed 130 meters which accentuates the magic of the site ...

This dune situation is remarkable, it allows to offer the hotel a magical decor and extreme beauty.